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“It was a dark and stormy night.”

Damn straight it is.  And the days are pretty close too.  Three years ago I came to Canada in pursuit of a high-level university education.  The changing seasons put me in a daze.  Turning leaves gave me chills.  The snow was exciting.

The novelty wears off.  I’ve learned to pull up the Weather Network every day before I go outside, just in case the actual temperature contradicts the view out my window.  I’ve learned that if you stand outside for too long in the snow,walking can be uncomfortable on your joints.  I’ve also learned never to trust the sun.  Ever.  He’s a liar.  He shines down on you in the morning, drawing you to your window in the hopes of a glorious day of warmth and happiness.  Lies.  Don’t believe it.  If it’s past October and before May, put a jacket on even if it looks awesome outside.

The Lying Weather Network

I started dragonboating a couple years ago.  Ergo facto sum cum laude, I spend a good amount of time outside.  And so I look forward to summertime here, in the hopes that I can go out topless and my nips won’t freeze off.  Many times, my hopes are dashed and slashed to pieces.  It rains.  Some days it’s only 5 degrees in the morning.  In June.  My response?  I’m going to do it anyway.   That’s right.  From June to September, I refuse to look up the weather before I go outside.  I’m just going to look out my window and make the call: shorts or jeans? Hat or umbrella?  I am going to have an AWESOME half-naked summer and you can’t stop me, SOL.

I will not be bullied into full-clothes when I deem half is enough.

-Daniel Mermelstein


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    Posted by Shalini | June 13, 2010, 8:55 PM

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