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Berlin: part 2

Week 3 of classes has officially started, which is strange to think of seeing as it feels as though I just arrived in the city. At the same time, it feels as though I’ve known my classmates for much longer. So far, we’ve gone to a bunch of great places in the city, including “Dr. Pong” – a hole in the wall with a continuous table tennis competition in the centre – entry into the game involves a 5 euro deposit on a paddle, which you get back for more booze later. I’m pretty sure my bud Jacob is addicted.

Also went to this pretty awesome concerty-thing at the King Kong club here, where the band “I’m not a band” was playing. Worth checking out. The band is composed of two violinists that create electro-pop  music. It was a great night of dancing, which was followed by a trip to the park. Super dangerous! There was a tiny trampoline built into the ground that was surrounded by concrete!! Even though someone could easily break their skulls wide open, it was worth it 🙂

I haven’t done as much museum visiting as I would’ve liked just yet. There always seems to be something keeping me from it, such as going to the flea market or fixing my internet. My roommate, Lindsay, wants to go to the Frida Kahlo exibit near Potsdamer Platz, but since the lines are so long you’ve got to be there early – like 6am early. The queue is that long! I’m probably going to join her though, since it seems like quite the experience.

My class is off to Dresden on Wednesday. I believe we will be looking at the recovery after the firebombing in WW2, but I could be mistaken – haven’t done the readings for that yet! Should be interesting, I’ll post about that later.

I’m also in a bit of a dilemma – Berliner Bierfest is this weekend, but a lot of my group are going to Prague, which is a great time too – I last visited in ’06. I can’t make up my mind on what I should do this weekend. The argument of people here is that “its bierfest everyday in Berlin!” Leave a comment if you’d like to help me out!

That’s really all for now,

– Shalini Makdani

Illustrations editor


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