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$500 can get you that Russian wife you’ve always wanted!

Gloria Mak, Howl Staff

Women have continually fought for their equality in society and it has been rewarding: the ability to vote, earning equal wages to men, and being able to receive as many opportunities as their counterpart. However, it seems that sexism has not been completely abolished. The Bear 100.3FM, whose tagline reads “Edmonton’s Best Rock,” has gracefully demonstrated this in their latest radio contest called “Win a Wife.” In order to win the contest, the contestant must fill out an application form comprised of a series of questions including “Stupidest thing you’ve done in the hopes of scoring” and “Describe your worst sexual experience.” The application form is then posted on the website where the public is allowed to rate the application out of 10. The guy with the highest ratings wins a trip to Russia with 13 nights of accommodation, return air fare and US$500 of spending money to help meet the woman of his dreams.

Russian women come genetically pre-loaded with a “pixelate” feature to cover up parts of her you don’t like!

As I read through some of the applications, I realize that most of the men who have applied are bitter about being cheated on or divorced. If anything, it seems as though most of them are emotionally immature and baggage-ridden.

What really disturbs me is the contest is marketing a “wife” as a prize object. There is no amount of money that can buy the love of a woman and if you can buy her attention, it isn’t love. Suppose the contest winner were to successfully meet a woman on the trip and succeed in a happy marriage, what would they tell their potential children? “Well, darling, there was this radio contest and your mom didn’t say no.” If finding a wife were as easy as they made it sound, Sex and the City wouldn’t have lasted six seasons.

I feel that this contest is a cheap, misogynistic thrill for bitter men who live with Millhouse’s dad.   It is an even worse way to meet your future wife than submitting an application to The Bachelor. If nothing else, we can point and laugh.


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