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Frosh Week Sex Stats: How likely are you to get laid this week?

– September 05, 2011;  Gloria Mak, Howl Staff

Frosh Week is notorious for its reputation of booze-filled events laced with sex. Others describe it as “one huge party” where it is mandatory to get as drunk and fornicate like rabbits the entire time. Many first-year students are concerned about the sexual aspect of Frosh Week, as most of them have not been in relationships and feel like it may be hard to fit in if they are sexually inexperienced. Is this really the case? Do students live up to the grandiose stereotype of bed-hopping?

They're not moving because you're watching, perv

I consulted some of my friends  and asked them how much time they spent in bed with a stranger during Frosh Week.  “Well…” J. said. “I came awfully close to bringing some guy back to res with me, but I realized how awkward it would be the next morning with my roommates if that actually happened.”

“Agreed!” H. replied. “It happened to me. I didn’t even know how to introduce the guy in the morning as he raided the fridge. I just wanted him to get out. After that happened, I didn’t even consider hooking up again. I feel like Frosh Week should’ve been getting to know everyone as opposed to being hungover every morning.”

“None at all, actually” confesses D. “The summer before I arrived at university, my friends and I were all antsy about getting laid and it was supposed to be a huge deal. Turns out, it really wasn’t.”

“So what percentage of people did you think were getting laid during Frosh Week?” I asked. “Everyone,” my friends replied.

But it turns out that not everybody is doing it. According to a survey of 265 first-year students in 2007 conducted by Dr. Bob Altemeyer, a retired psychology professor from the University of Manitoba, less than 1 percent of all intercourse happened during a one-night stand. Dr. Altemeyer, who has been surveying his first year students for 24 years now, provides us with some surprising and insightful statistics.

It is found through his 2007 survey that nearly half the men and a quarter of the women admitted to being virgins during their first year of university. This means that the first-year students worrying about being the only virgin around campus have nothing to fear.

This statistic also seems slightly odd, since men have the reputation of being more sexually active than women. Dr. Altemeyer has also noticed in his surveys that within the first-year cohort, “virginity has decreased among young women and increased among young men since 1984”. He explains that this increase was a result of the sexual revolution whose improved means of contraception mainly affected women. So women in the same cohort as these men are willing to start experimenting with sex sooner, and they prefer older men for their experience over younger guys. This phenomenon is responsible for that last statistic.

He has also found that throughout the years, his respondents have come to value long-term relationships over “hook-ups”. This statistic may be related to the decrease in female virginity. Due to the shift in preference of relationships over one-night stands, I think this also drives women to look for an older partner in order to find someone who is emotionally on-par.

Another interesting tidbit drawn from a survey which I found hilarious was the women’s and men’s answer to: “What would make you supremely satisfied sexually?” Most women answered that having sex with someone they were deeply in love with would do the job, while the majority of men wanted aggressive women who would give them more oral sex. A precocious 13 year-old girl could have told you that women regard sex as an emotional bonding activity, whereas for men it’s just about the physicality. However, in recent studies conducted by the University of Indiana, their results show that cuddling and caressing are more important to men than women.

So why does every first-year feel so pressured to drop their pants? They shouldn’t. If you don’t feel comfortable sharing your silly parts with another person, you are obviously not ready. Frosh Week is neither a sex marathon nor an orgy, so take it easy. Van Wilder’s depiction of Frosh Week isn’t exactly accurate.

When the time comes and things are getting hot and heavy, just remember you don’t have to do it. Otherwise, have fun and stay safe. And remember to cuddle afterwards.



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