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Be One With Woodsworth One

– November 08, 2011; Jon Foster, Howl Staff

Starting in the 2012-13 school year, Woodsworth College will be introducing two co-curricular, half credit courses to help fully integrate the first year experience. This is part of a larger movement by all seven colleges to aid in this student integration.

Ideally, the courses are designed to “provide a structured transition from high school to university with a focus on developing critical thinking, speaking and writing skills and an atmosphere that allows students to develop close relationships with fellow classmates and instructors.”

The programs themselves aim to combine themed courses with guest lecturers, field trips, academic skills support and leadership events. The program is divided into two half-credit complimentary seminars and will be built along bringing together criminology, sociology, political science, philosophy, and history in a theme entitled “Order and Disorder”.

Some major discussions that will be held, based on the course description, will be “at what point does order become oppression? How do we balance our need for freedom and society’s need for order?”

Going further in depth with the program, specific Woodsworth One tutorial sections should be available to most Arts & Science courses, allowing students to further develop relationships and skills with their Woodsworth peers.

The other colleges each have their own theme: Innis One: The Creative City; New One: Learning Without Borders; SMC One: Cornerstone; Trinity One: World Affairs and Human Life; UC One: Engaging Toronto; and Vic One, which offers five streams to the program which they implemented in 2003. More information on these programs can be found on the colleges’ websites.

The eligibility to join Woodsworth One is open to all Faculty of Arts & Science students, not just incoming first-years. There will be an online application where applicants will be required to provide a brief personal statement.


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