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Playoffs Will Be The Ultimate Test For Hungry Wolfpack

– November 08, 2011; Christopher Granicolo, Howl Staff

With a fourth place finish in their division, and sporting a very respectable 3-1-1 record, Woodsworth’s male intramural soccer team is poised to make a giant splash in the upcoming playoffs.

The team’s fourth-place finish means they will play University College in a quarter-final showdown. UC finished first in their division and will without question be a formidable opponent for our beloved Wolfpack. Woodsworth should not be taken lightly, however, as our full squad only appeared for 2 out of the 5 regular season games.

In those 2 games, Woodsworth embarrassed their opponents with 6-0 drubbings of Commerce and then Medicine. Our record is therefore a bit deceiving, as we were missing key players in our matches against Physical Therapy & Occupational Therapy (a 2-2 draw) and Chestnut (a 1-0 loss). Without question, these tight matches would have seen a much different result in Woodsworth’s favour had our full line-up been present.

Our final match of the season witnessed a forfeit, as Wycliffe College failed to produce a full starting line-up. Although Woodsworth gained a win, the forfeit hindered our chances of moving up in the standings, as we needed to score 4 goals or more to leapfrog into 3rd place and not face the first place UC in the quarter-finals. But fear not, Woodsworth faithful, our Wolfpack showed signs of footballing mastery on the pitch in our final match against Medicine- with momentum now on Woodsworth’s side, UC will face a more than capable opponent.

In the match against Medicine, both Medicine and Woodsworth began sluggishly, as both teams failed to find the back of the net in the first half.

The second half showcased the finest soccer to date for Woodsworth, as the team exploded for 6 second-half tallies, controlling the pace of play and unleashing wave after wave of fury upon the unfortunate Medicine defenders.

Evgueni Vassiliev started things off for Woodsworth, finding the back of the net within the first 5 minutes of the half. After this goal, the Wolfpack seemed to score a goal every 5 minutes. Kaz Laird scored a wonderful volley, striking home a precise shot from outside the 18 yard box. The day belonged to Nordo Gooden though, as the striker erupted for 3 goals. None of Gooden’s goals were finer then his Wayne Rooney-esque bicycle kick goal. Taking the ball off the chest, Gooden played the ball and struck it home off a beautiful bicycle kick- indubitably Woodsworth’s finest goal of the season thus far.

The defense did not have much to deal with, easily parlaying Medicine’s attempts at long balls and through balls into counter-attacks for our mid-fielders and strikers. Gustav Meuller was again sensational in goal and is making a solid bid at being Woodsworth’s most consistent performer so far this year.

Woodsworth had the benefit of having a much needed team-only scrimmage following the Wycliffe College forfeit. With team chemistry peaking and momentum on our side, UC are in for a test and should not take the 4th-placed Wolfpack lightly. With a full squad in attendance, victory over UC will be a more then capable task for us.


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