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Globe Ranking Puts U of T Last

We wrote about this topic a few weeks ago, but the ranking issue has come up again so we’ll give you a summary.  Also, the University of Toronto actually did ridiculously well in the Times Higher Education world rankings, so don’t go freaking out about the Globe & Mail thing.

Jon Foster, Howl Staff

Last week, the Globe & Mail released its annual report card on Canadian universities, and as usual the U of T came up last- or near last-place.  The full rankings can be found here, but we’ll give you a recap:

There are 19 categories in the survey that directly relate to education, student life, and even the city of which they belong. Each category is broken down into three subcategories, dividing the universities up by their overall size. For the purposes of this survey the St. George, Scarborough and Mississauga campuses are judged individually.

Most satisfied. U of T obtained a B- in this category, which is not bad. It is, however, the second lowest mark in comparison to the other large universities. Western leads this category with an A-, followed closely by UBC, McMaster and Waterloo with B+.

Quality of teaching and learning. Once again, U of T did not obtain too poor of a mark for this category, sizing up with a B. That puts us in the running with the University of Alberta, Concordia, and McGill. Once again, Western came out on top with an A-.

Student-faculty interaction. U of T narrowly beat out York for bottom spot in this category, obtaining a B- to their C+. Once again Western tops the rankings, tied with Carleton, McMaster and Ryerson.

Instructor’s teaching style. U of T tied with York for second lowest placing with a B-. Surprisingly, Western came out on top again tied with McMaster with a B+.

Class size. Large classes dogged U of T in this category, coming up alone in the last rank with a C+. Western came up on top, again, tied with Carleton, Ryerson, Concordia and Waterloo.

Campus atmosphere. Our beautifully historic buildings did not help us in this category, but once again we narrowly avoided last spot, which was granted to York’s cold architecture. U of T obtained a B-, while, yet again, Western took top spot with an A.

Student residences. Students seemed to like the accommodations on campus and U of T was given a B-. Western took top spot with an A-, and York came in last with a C-.

Recreation and athletics. We actually did surprisingly well in this category, haunting the middle of the pack with a B+, which tied us with UBC and McGill to name a couple. Western came out on top with an A+.

City satisfaction. Finally, we are tied with Western in a category, but it offers little hope. The city of London ON seems just as nice a place to live as Toronto, with both cities obtaining a B+. Tops goes to McGill in Montreal.

Work-play balance; U of T could not do worse in this category, obtaining a miserable D, the lowest mark given to any university. York was second last, but held a C, and again, Western came out on top with an A-.

Environmental commitment; B- was awarded to the U of T, with several sustainability initiatives in the works. UBC came out on top with a B+. Overall, it appears students are dissatisfied with most of the large universities’ environmental policies.

Information technology. A category in which we shine. U of T came in second place amongst the large universities with a B+, beating out Western with their lousy B. McGill took top honours with an A-.

Libraries. What can I say? Our libraries rock – enough to garnish top spot tied with Concordia, Western and McGill with an A-. York was the worst with a B-.

Buildings and facilities. Topping the category again was Western with an A, but a somewhat close second-place finish for U of T with a B+, tying us with McMaster.

Research opportunities. Last place once again is our showing for this category, tying us with Ottawa and York with a C. Western, McMaster and Waterloo come out on top with a B.

Career preparation. B- was the mark we got, which was about average. Waterloo leads with an A-, and surprisingly Ryerson ties with Western for second with a B+.

Reputation with employers. Going to U of T will definitely get you places, being one of the most recognized institutions in Canada. We were tied with Western, UBC and the University of Alberta for second place, with an A. McGill and Waterloo took the lead with an A+.

Academic counselling. Second-to-last again for U of T, obtaining a B-, beating out McGill and York who tied for last with C+. Carleton and Western both got B+ which once again leads.

Course registration. Despite many student issues with ROSI and getting in to classes, U of T came out in the middle of the pack with a strong B-, beating York, Ottawa and McMaster. Western stands along on top with an A-.

So, what is the point of all this? Well, according to Western students we should be going there. I would say overall U of T earns a healthy B-, which is rather low in the scheme of things, but not as bad as some make it out to be. While there are many areas that obviously need work, it appears that student attitude towards their respective institutions are of overriding importance in a report card like this.


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