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November 24 Issue! Last Print Issue Of 2011

DON’T PANIC.  That’s probably the best piece of advice you’ll receive in your hitchhike through life.  As winter sets in (that fucking bastard), slowing down your heart rate shouldn’t be so hard.  Still, the U of T’s unwritten motto seems to be “We fail you long time.”  Professors give you ridiculous amounts of work, so much so it seems they don’t really believe a word when you tell them you have other classes to handle besides theirs.

But hey, relax.  Chill.  As exams loom in the nearing distance, plan ahead and take a couple minutes or hours out of your day to do something that makes you breathe easier.  When the snow begins to fall, it’s a perfect time to go out on a warm coffee date.  Spend a quiet evening listening to Vivaldi or Mozart with a glass (not a bottle, tsk) of wine.  Call your parents.  Call your high school friends.

This is our last issue of the Fall term.  Inside you’ll find a quite a few tips on how to deal with whatever it is you’re facing right now: assignments, exams and job searching.  We’ll continue to publish on The Howl’s website through exams and over the break, so remember to check in with us periodically.

See you on the flip side.

Editor In Chief

Daniel Mermelstein

Here’s the downloadable PDF: The Howl November 24, 2011

Remember to pick up your paper copy on campus!


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