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Why Don’t You Get W.E.T.?

Woodsworth Environment Team

Did you complain this summer about just how ridiculously HOT it keeps getting every year? Or just why in January there is NO SNOW to make a snowman? Ever thought silently, “Who cares about declining fuel stocks, I don’t drive a car.” Have you ever looked into the eyes of a baby animal and thought it was cute and cuddly and deserved your attention and respect?

Do you now feel overwhelmed and belittled?

Fret not, WET is here to educate and guide you through kick ass events and deliciously sweet fundraisers! You have the opportunity to put YOUR mark in the environmental movement, a movement that dictates YOUR future. WET will help motivate you to make the right choices to live a healthy lifestyle while also protecting our amazing planet.

The Woodsworth Environment Team (WET) is a leading environmental club at the University of Toronto. Our goal is to foster a culture of creative sustainability in the Woodsworth community by promoting awareness of environmental issues, encouraging students to make significant changes in their everyday lives and bringing together students who have an interest in environmental issues and education. We hold a series of sustainable events and initiatives throughout the year. As a new initiative, we will be writing about environmental issues and advertising our WET events once a month in The Howl. We welcome new members and any passionate students who wish to get involved with the team to join us on Facebook or attend our monthly events.

Your first mission: come out to WET events 🙂 In the meantime, read a book/article or watch a documentary – WET loves The Nature of Things by David Suzuki or Planet Earth or playing Earthopoly!!!

Be responsible. Be environmentally conscious. YOU can make a change by doing the simplest of things. GO OUT AND EXPLORE NATURE!!! Everyone is connected to the environment. Maybe you study it passionately or think about it in private.. We only have ONE planet, ONE home, ONE chance!

You may have seen WET tabling in December selling raffle tickets for the chance to win an awesome shopping trolley (WET’s way of getting you to use less plastic bags). This month WET will host its popular EnviroCafe, at which there will be a showing of a documentary about water. WET will be hosting a movie night for Rez too. Also, WET IS HOLDING A SNOWMAN TEAM COMPETITION! Although the lack of snow may put the date on hold. For details of any of these events check our Facebook page, and look for our posters around Woodsworth College and Woodsworth Residence.


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