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Tough Start for Wolfpack: Champs Lose 3-1 to Grad House in Opening Match

Chris Granicolo, Howl Staff

After becoming Men’s Division II Intramural Soccer Championships in first semester, Woodsworth College suffered a slight setback in their aspirations to become repeat champions in their opening match against Grad House, suffering a 3-1 defeat.

With Captain and Coach Chad Camacho stuck in Tropical Trinidad, Editor-in-Chief of The Howl, Daniel Mermelstein, filled in admirably as Commander-in-Chief for the Wolfpack in their opening fixture.

The lads, however, were suffering a slight championship hangover, as continuous turnovers and defensive lapses gave Grad House a 2-0 lead after the first half. Most Woodsworth players admittedly had not played a game since their glorious victory against Pharmacy in the final 6 weeks prior, so some rustiness was expected.

For lack of a better photo, here's a stock picture of the Woodsworth's Wolfpack.

The Wolfpack’s display in the first half, though, was completely un-Woodsworthian: too many turnovers and poor passing gave way to several Grad House scoring opportunities, leaving star keeper Gustav Meuller hanging out to dry on both goals.

A half-time pep talk by the interim coach seemed to spark the lads, as Woodsworth displayed its typical thoroughness and efficiency at the start of the second half, ultimately culminating in a brilliant strike from defender-turned-striker Leo Duka. Woodsworth sought to carry the momentum and put away Grad House, who had only 3 substitutes to the 8 for Woodsworth, but an ill-timed challenge by yours truly gave Grad House a two-minute advantage as I was sent to the bench for my poor tackle.

Grad House capitalized and finished the match as victors, 3-1.

Not to fret, Woodsworth, this is only the first match in a long second semester season. With a tryout today led by Amr Adawi and Nordo Gooden, which preached efficiency in passing, finishing, and on-pitch communication (3 traits that were sorely lacking in the opening match), the lads will likely come out stronger in their next match and continue their hopes for a repeat championship.


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