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Drink of the Week: Éphémère Apple

Gloria Mak, Howl Staff

I have friends who are out in Cancun enjoying a refreshing Corona and lime while they lay on the sand with the water lapping their feet.  . As for me, I’ve discovered that embracing the cold, wintery weather in my warmest jacket is just as awesome, particularly after a long, hard day of shredding the slopes of Mont Tremblant on my snowboard and my ass.  Not that I’m complaining, it was awesome.

A reasonably priced, refreshing and very Canadian brew to be enjoyed is the Éphémère Apple which is a fruit beer. It is a top fermented beer brewed with Granny Smith Apples from Chambly.It tastes like pale ale, sweet wine and cider put together. When the brew first hits, the carbonation leaves your tongue with a buzz. The beer itself is quite aromatic and the apple flavour tasted is very natural. In terms of texture, the beer was rather thin with a slight malt texture to it.

Overall, I would recommend this beer as a snack beer to start off the night, or something to get refresh a cold afternoon on the slopes. Get out there, ski bunnies and snowboardheads, and stay safe while you’re shredding!


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