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Roll Up The Rim Thefts In Ottawa

Noofa Hannan, Howl Staff

Every February, Canada’s favourite coffee chain, Tim Hortons, launches the Roll Up the Rim campaign. Customers roll up the rims of their coffee cups to see if they have won a prize. The company claims it has over $60-million in prizes to give away and that there’s a one in six chance of winning when you play in restaurants.

With such a cleverly designed campaign, customers are sure to be tempted to buy more coffee. However, some customers in Ottawa have resorted to stealing to increase their chances of winning. According to the Toronto Sun, Roll Up the Rim cups are being stolen from Tim Hortons located inside Esso gas bars, where customers can pour their own coffee at self-serve stations.

According to one Esso manager, the thieves “distract the cashier and then walk out with them.” People were reported to be double- and triple-cupping their drinks. Some were brave enough to steal entire sleeves of cups! The Esso manager also pointed out that the cups are considerably more expensive than the coffee itself.

The gas bar owners have resorted to stashing their cups behind the main cash counter in an effort to prevent the thefts.


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