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Woodsworth Gala

Alexander Cadmus, Contributor

The Woodsworth’s Annual Award Gala, better known simply as “Gala”, took place on March 31.  The event at the Fairmont Royal York, proved to be highly desirable and exclusive; with a capacity of 250 people, tickets sold out quickly and  those waitlisted had much trouble gaining access.  This was for good reason as this year—although only my first—was a gala among galas. The combination of classy garb, open bar and full service rendered a state of celebration.  Admittedly, there were a few party crashers from the hotel however they merely proved how impressive the event was.

Before dinner, students gathered in the lobby and watched the parade of their fellow Woodsworthians looking their best for the evening festivities.  Cocktails and infectiously good moods made the atmosphere perfect for reconnecting with those people you struggled to keep up with in the past.  The dinner portion of the night was served to the students in a three course meal featuring a salad, chicken and potato entrée, and the pièce de résistance: a dark chocolate mousse garnished with vanilla and cranberry.  During dinner Chad Camacho, Current WCSA president, awarded outstanding members of the Woodsworth Student body for their outstanding service.

Directly following and indeed slightly before the end of dinner and awards the queues began to for what was the second round of the open bar.  After enough courage was drank the gala goers moved to the dance floor.  DJs Rhys Smith, Genevieve Nixon and Arun Nijhawan got the blood pumping as students danced to tracks from One Direction, to LMFAO’s Party Rock Anthem, to  tunak tunak tun! Clearly the most enjoyable part of the event the dancing, few people were left standing still, whole tables of students poured onto the dance floor.

The night was one of friendship and family, despite being held during a rather heated WCSA election.  Hardly any lips were pursed with snooty intentions less it was in mockery of any real seriousness during the evening.  As the evening wound down and people left with new and old friends, the few of us left behind were already nostalgic for the music and laughter.  As we took apart the speakers and collected what was left behind we could still feel it, whatever it was, still in the air and our moods. It was a triumph, perhaps even a rite of passage for Woodsworth students.  In any case, it was an experience that I will remember fondly for a long time to come.



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