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Your Guide To Volunteering This Summer!

Noofa Hannan, Howl Staff

Exam season is almost at an end, which means four months of blissful summer. While most of you may have summer school, work or travel plans, it wouldn’t hurt to devote some time to give back to our community. Check out the amazing work by these Toronto-based organizations and see if you’d like to volunteer for any of them.

  • Our Place Community of Hope

Our Place assists people experiencing mental health issues in building skills for independent living. The organization aims to serve the socialization and community needs of people who have been stigmatized as a result of their illness, and offers social recreation programs that provide supportive environments to aid their recovery process. The organization values diversity and is currently seeking volunteer Program Facilitators, Musicians, Disc Jockeys and Office Assistants. If you are interested in volunteering, Our Place can be contacted at 416-598-2919.

  • Museum of Inuit Art

The MIA is southern Canada’s only public museum with the express mission to showcase and celebrate Inuit art. The museum aims to foster an appreciation for art from the Canadian Arctic and features a variety of art works ranging from ivory, bone and stone sculptures to ceramics, prints and wall hangings. If you’d like to immerse yourself in an artistic environment this summer, the MIA offers perfect volunteer opportunities.  Examples of positions include Docents, who will help give guided tours of the museum to school children, and Art Assistants to assist in weekend arts and craft activities. Interested? Send an email to the Volunteer Recruitment Officer at

  • Toronto Public Library

The Toronto Public Library houses a rich resource of books to fulfill the needs of any bookworm. The Library also runs several programs for community development throughout the year. If you have the passion and commitment to help people, take some time out to explore the unique programs the Library offers. Volunteer to tutor adults in basic reading, writing and math in the Adult Literacy Program or help out with library events by becoming a Youth Advisory Group Member.  If you’d like to encourage children to read, apply to become one of the Leading to Reading volunteers. For more information on how to apply, visit their website.

  • Community Matters Toronto

Community Matters Toronto (CMT) is a group of individuals serving the culturally diverse and densely populated neighbourhood of St. James Town. The neighbourhood’s 35,000 residents comprise more than 60 cultures, the majority of which are new Canadians. CMT offers a vast array of counseling on housing, citizenship and employment issues as well as a music program, tutoring service and a summer literacy camp to help newly immigrated families adapt to Canadian life. If you’d like to work with people from diverse backgrounds and help develop your leadership skills, volunteering with CMT will be a very rewarding experience. Call them at 416-944-9697 or visit their office at 260 Wellesley Street East.

  • Annex Cat Rescue

This is a 100% volunteer-run cat rescue organization that helps foster and adopt homeless and abandoned cats. They also work to educate the public about how to take care of cats and feed many feral cat colonies year-round.  If you’re an animal lover, the organization offers both hands-on and behind-the-scenes volunteer work. Ways to help out include making crafts such as jewelry or catnip toys that the organization can sell at various events, feeding feral cats along established routes, or by working for the Trap-Neuter/Spay-Return (TNR) program. If any of these catch your interest, apply online!


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