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Movie Review: 17 Girls

Brandon Bastaldo, Contributor

Director(s): Muriel Coulin, Delphine Coulin

Program: Public

Length:  87 Minutes

Recommended? Strongly! This is like an episode of Degrassi meets the Twilight Zone

One of the best things about any good 90’s pre teen film is its reckless sense of idealism. Films like Camp Nowhere or The Baby Sitter’s club made the idea of kids living in a self sufficient, adult free community not only plausible, but fun to watch. This is the most disconcerting aspect of sisters Muriel and Delhpine Coulin’s 17 Girls– a film that takes this wacky and tired idea of kids being self –sustained to new and ultra-realistic heights.

Based on true events, 17 Girls follows a group of teenaged ‘it girls’ living in the slow sea side town of Lorient.  After their wayward leader Camille (Louise Grinberg) finds out she’s pregnant, the girls form a pregnancy pact swearing to get pregnant, move out, and raise their children together. With sharp cinematography and attention to detail, 17 Girls is a gritty, unflinching snapshot of youth culture and the authenticity of these young actresses creates realism similar to Larry Clarke’s Kids.

As these young mothers-to-be smoke weed, drink, and party their pain away the Coulin’s dig deep into the issues of parental neglect and feelings of hopelessness that many youths struggle with. When babies function as a message of youthful rebellion, 17 Girls makes us aware of the extreme lengths that young people will go to in order to have their voices heard.


Saturday, May 12th, 12:00 pm, Lightbox



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