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Movie Review: Fat Kid Rules the World

Brandon Bastaldo, Contributor

Director: Matthew Lillard

Programme:  Public

Length: 98 Minutes

Recommended? Hell yes with  an extra-large, extra-butter popcorn (and Coke to wash it down).

A day in the life of a fat kid, punk rocker manifesto, a dark teenage angst  comedy—no matter what label you give Fat Kid Rules the World, it will still never live up to everything this film is about. Based on K.L. Going’s novel, Fat Kid Rules the World is actor Mathew Lillard’s directorial debut and tells the story of a fat kid named Troy (Jacob Wysocki), whose lazy daily routine has made him completely unenthusiastic about life.

Yes, it’s okay to call Troy a fat kid here and this is because Lillard forces us tp see Marcus as just this: a character that we’ve all grown up with (or even been) in our schools and neighbour hoods. Troy is the gentle-giant fat kid who likes to eat Twinkies, play video games, and mind his own business, but it is through Troy’s eyes that Lilllard acquaints us with the often unseen struggles which Troy and other fat kids around the world go through in order to fit in anywhere.

When pill popping, punk genius Marcus (Matt O’Leary) saves Troy from a suicide attempt (an attempt which is somehow very funny), Marcus tells Troy the only way to repay him is to be the drummer in his band. Never having laid a hand on any instrument other than his computer mouse, Fat Kid Rules the World fuses the punk and D.Y.I aesthetic with Recess’ Mikey Blumberg in order to give one of the sweetest tales from an outsider’s perspective I’ve ever seen.  With a great punk inspired soundtrack and playfully grotesque surrealist sequences, Fat Kid Rules the World makes it clear that Lillard still has a little SLC Punk left in him.


Saturday, May 12th, 8:30pm, Lightbox




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