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Re: Generation Music Project

Brandon Bastaldo, Contributor

Director: Amir Bar-Lev

Programme: Public

Length: 75 Minutes

Recommended: Yes! A must see for musicians, DJs, and any music connoisseur

Born and raised in the digital age of music, it’s no surprise that so many of my favourite albums feature one DJ or another scratching and mixing away at samples. Still, even at my tender age of 22, I find myself feeling outdated by the next generation of inventive youngsters who have come up making music on their MacBooks: one-person armies with the power to recreate the sound of a full scale orchestra at their fingertips.

Documentarian Amir Bar-Lev’s Re: Generation Music Project combines the likes of 5 DJ superpowers: prolific hip hop guru (RIP Guru) DJ Premier, British playboy musician Mark Ronson, electronic metal head mastermind Skrillex, veteran alternative dance duo The Crystal Method, and the hip hop/electro inspired Pretty Lights. The documentary sees these DJs given the challenge of creating a song of a genre (country, classical, rock, funk, and jazz) that is far out of their comfort zone.

Really though, it is collaborations with artists like Nas, Erykah Badu, and The Doors which evolve  Re: Generation Music Project past being simply music documentary. Rather, seeing these digital based artists of the next generation tinker, test, and combine their styles with big band sounds and live orchestras makes Re: Generation Music Project  an invigorating purview into the past and the future of music production- a must see for any music aficionado of any age.


Thursday, May 10th, 12:45 pm, Lightbox

Saturday, May 12th, 5:45 pm, Lightbox




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