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Summer Opportunities for Lazy Students

Cherise Seucharan, Howl Staff

Summer is finally upon us! If you are just coming out of a haze of sleep-marathons and have only started to consider your plans for the next four months, The Howl has got you!  We found some cool summer opportunities available for the last-minute planner to suit every personality, recommended by U of T students.

Pictured: Not a summer job

1)     Get down and dirty with WWOOF. Are you more of an adventurous type? Do you like dirt?? If so, consider volunteering with World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms, an organization which sets up student volunteers with organic farms in Canada and around the world. Room and board are generally provided for by the host family, while you provide the manual labour. Stays range from a few weeks to several months.

2)     Run a College Pro painting business. Does having control of your own business sound appealing? College Pro is a painting company that lets inexperienced students try their hand at running a franchise.  Alternatively, you can apply to simply work as a painter for another student.

3)     Summer Company. Does the above sound cool, but you can’t stand paint fumes? Try applying for Summer Company, a program run by the Ontario government that gives start-up grants to students who want to run a business for the summer. Come up with a business plan and then apply.

4)     Work for your MP. For the more politically minded, consider volunteering for your MP or political party. You will gain insight into how political systems actually work and see for yourself whether a career as a Prime Minister-hopeful is really your style. Contact your local MP’s office for more details.

5)     Hone your journalistic skills. Fancy yourself a young Earnest Hemingway? Various newspapers across the city accept freelance submissions, and summer is the perfect time to practice your writing and reporting skills.  The Grid and BlogTO are just some publications to contact.  Also, there’s this thing called “The Howl”.

6)     Work at School. For those poor souls enrolled in summer school, U of T Work Study placements are still available. Might as well apply, you’re going to be on campus anyways.



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