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Movie Review: La Haine

Kassovitz gives us a raw portrayal of the essence of the street: kids gathered on roof tops cooking hot dogs and smoking joints, break dancing in project hall ways, we even see Hubert playfully bounce a syringe between his shoes. However, the ethereal and candid nature of hood life that Kassovitz’ gives us access to is ephemeral, as Said and his friends are harassed by the police more times than I can count Continue reading

Re: Generation Music Project

Still, even at my tender age of 22, I find myself feeling outdated by the next generation of inventive youngsters who have come up making music on their MacBooks: one-person armies with the power to recreate the sound of a full scale orchestra at their fingertips. Continue reading

TIFF Bell Lightbox: Next Wave

In the Future Games programme, post-secondary students from across Canada will showcase their original video games like ASDF which boasts your helping “a colourful posse of gangsters navigate their way through a pixilated labyrinth, one key stroke at a time” or Super Conveniently Head Controlled Face Fight 10987654321 where your head is literally used as a controller in this interactive portion of the festival. Continue reading

Movie Review: Fat Kid Rules the World

Brandon Bastaldo, Contributor

Movie Review: 17 Girls

Based on true events, 17 Girls follows a group of teenaged ‘it girls’ living in the slow sea side town of Lorient. After their wayward leader Camille (Louise Grinberg) finds out she’s pregnant, the girls form a pregnancy pact swearing to get pregnant, move out, and raise their children together. As these young mothers-to-be smoke weed, drink, and party their pain away the Coulin’s dig deep into the issues of parental neglect and feelings of hopelessness that many youths struggle with. Continue reading

8 Things You Should Do During Summer Break

When things calm down during the summer, find out how many hours of sleep you actually need by conducting a sleep experiment: get in bed around the same time each night without turning on the alarm clock. Continue reading

More Party, Less Hangover

Jason Burke, a doctor and board-certified anesthesiologist calls his ingenious business idea a “medical practice on wheels.” He offers hangover relief to tourists so that they can quickly get back to enjoying their vacation. The hour-long treatment takes place on a bus and costs $90 for a basic IV of saline solution with vitamins B and C. Continue reading

Shooting Up Safely?

The philosophy behind safe injection sites is that users are safer in a clean, supervised clinic is much healthier than anywhere else. These sites intend to reduce the spread of infectious diseases, which can be passed from one person to another by sharing needles. They also aim to reduce incidences of overdose. Continue reading

Remember Joseph Kony?

Cover the Night is set to happen when the sun goes down this Friday, all over the world. The basic concept is that it will be a huge gathering of supporters who will cover the city in posters and artwork supporting the cause of stopping the LRA and stopping Kony. Continue reading

Post-Exam Relaxation

For those of you lucky enough not to have an exam on April 30, you have the opportunity to enjoy a relaxation and wellness retreat organized by the Hart House Farm Continue reading

J.K. Rowling’s Upcoming Book: The Casual Vacancy

J.K. Rowling — of Harry Potter fame — has penned her first novel aimed at adult readers. The book, The Casual Vacancy, is expected to be published on September 27 and will be available in hardcover, e-book and audiobook forms. The book’s publisher, Little, Brown and Company revealed that the novel is set in an idyllic English town and will be “blackly comic, thought-provoking and constantly surprising.” Continue reading

Interview with Nicholas Sparks

I really saw his acting ability in Seventeen Again and Charlie St. Cloud, and the saw glimmers of what he would be as a leading man. So I wasn’t surprised but I think many other people are surprised to see him inhabit this adult leading role so well. I think the integrity and the goodness he has as a person came through, and in terms of the acting ability he really stepped up to the plate to become a marine Continue reading

Trouble In Paradise

Latest refereeing controversy in Champions League raises officiating debate

The Ballad Of Mike Milbury

Some of you may know Mike Milbury as the Bruin who once took off a fan’s shoe and beat him with it. Some of you may know him as the former NHLer who nearly got charged for assaulting a 12-year old boy at his son’s hockey game. Continue reading

U of T Lip Dubsaster

The first Lip Dub video to go viral online was made by students at l’Université du Québec à Montréal, posted on September 11, 2009, this video currently has over 10 million views. Released on March 29th, our dear university is only about two and a half years behind the trend. Continue reading