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The Healthiest Choices at the Sushi Bar

Mikel Theobald, Contributor

Summer Opportunities for Lazy Students

We found some cool summer opportunities available for the last-minute planner to suit every personality, recommended by U of T students. Continue reading

Etobicoke Election Results Voided, Fraud Not Evident

Justice Thomas Lederer has thrown out 76 of the votes for failure of either proper registration or proper vouching, thus declaring the election “null and void.” Continue reading

In Mother Russia, Mushrooms Eat YOU!

Mushrooms apparently love plastic. They’ll eat it like it’s flavoured bubble gum. Continue reading

Young Guns Leading the Way

What makes D’Amigo such an intriguing case is that he projects to be a 3rd liner in the NHL, and he is leading the way offensively for his club. D’Amigo plays on the top penalty killing pairing for the team, and has helped the Marlies kill 39 straight penalties. Continue reading

Lawrie’s Outburst a Positive for Blue Jays

Toronto’s Brett Lawrie erupted at home plate umpire Bill Miller after two consecutive blown calls lead to a ninth inning strikeout. Continue reading

Drink of the Week: the Original Mai Tai

With this warmer weather, how better to cool off than with a cool drink? Enjoy a citrusy mai tai on a sunny patio while you watch sweaty fools trudge the burning pavements of Toronto. It’s also a great drink to accompany an evening meal as you watch the sunset. Continue reading

Harvard and MIT Offer Free Online Education

“EdX represents a unique opportunity to improve education on our own campuses through online learning, while simultaneously creating a bold new education path for millions of learners worldwide,” said MIT president Susan Hockfield. Continue reading

Vogue Bans Unhealthy and Child Models

Vogue editors from across the world have pledged to stop featuring models under the age of sixteen or those who appear to have an eating disorder. Continue reading

New Labour Laws a Blow to Fair Employment in Canada

On April 25, Human Resources and Skills Development Minister Diane Finley announced the creation of a new online system that aims to speed up foreign, temporary employment. Does it involve the legalization of immigrant exploitation in Canada? Continue reading

How Free is the Canadian Press?

In light of the recent World Press Freedom Day, The Howl sat down the President of the Canadian Journalists for Free Expression, Arnold Amber, to discuss the issue of freedom of the press and its relevance to Canadians. Continue reading

Quebec Student Protests Achieve Meager Results

The deal includes the government’s proposed tuition hike, in which fees will increase C$1 625, spread out over seven years (which raises current fees by 75%) Continue reading

March to the Final

With this season’s European football drawing to a close, The Howl reports on the endings of a stirring season with its marvels and disappointments, as last week’s climactic results showed a highly anticipated Champion’s League Classico finale that failed to materialize into anything worthwhile. Continue reading

Expect To Be Uncertain

From a cup-half-full perspective, the Raptors aren’t the worst in the league, but what direction are they heading in? Chris Granicolo gives us the numbers on how much we can hope for an improvement in the near future. Continue reading

Blue Jay Buzz is Back in Toronto

Joey Belfiore explores the Blue Jays’ strengths and weaknesses, and shines a light on the team that just might make Toronto fans proud in 2012. Continue reading