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Lawrie’s Outburst a Positive for Blue Jays

Toronto’s Brett Lawrie erupted at home plate umpire Bill Miller after two consecutive blown calls lead to a ninth inning strikeout. Continue reading

New Labour Laws a Blow to Fair Employment in Canada

On April 25, Human Resources and Skills Development Minister Diane Finley announced the creation of a new online system that aims to speed up foreign, temporary employment. Does it involve the legalization of immigrant exploitation in Canada? Continue reading

More Party, Less Hangover

Jason Burke, a doctor and board-certified anesthesiologist calls his ingenious business idea a “medical practice on wheels.” He offers hangover relief to tourists so that they can quickly get back to enjoying their vacation. The hour-long treatment takes place on a bus and costs $90 for a basic IV of saline solution with vitamins B and C. Continue reading

Fitocracy Sweats Out Your Stress

Fitocracy is an online game and social network created by Richard and Brian Wang, attracting experienced gym rats to beginner fitness toe-dippers that want to get in shape and stick with it. It uses game mechanics to help users improve their fitness. Continue reading

You Can Eat Digital Food Now

The idea is that the store is full of LCD displays with barcodes that customers scan with the Homeplus app on their smartphones. Once they pay, their purchased items are delivered directly to their home. Continue reading

Universities Say Mom Knows Best

Helicopter parents: those who pay extreme attention to their child’s experiences and problems, particularly education. Lawnmower parents: those who attempt to personally remove all obstacles in front of their children. Continue reading

The Kony 2012 Campaign and the Great Age of Misinformation

As everybody who’s anybody has seen, a recent viral video campaign targeting Ugandan warlord Joseph Kony of the Lord’s Resistance Army was released on YouTube last week. The video rapidly accumulated over 40 million views in just a few days. As a consequence, it is now barely possible to go on Facebook, Twitter or any other type of social media without someone parroting “STOP KONY!”. While no rational observer can deny the atrocities Kony’s militia has commited – he was indicted by the International Criminal Court in 2005 for war crimes – one must question the motive and timing of this video. Even more disturbingly, the sensation it has created among its viewers. Continue reading

No End in Sight for TTC Fare Hikes

Even for those who rarely pick up the local newspaper, it’s hard not to overhear conversations concerning the latest debacle at the TTC. Between the public firing of Gary Webster, the confusion over the transit commission, and the endless cuts presented by Mayor Rob Ford, there’s definitely much to talk about – and much to be felt as well. Continue reading

Unpaid internships: A scourge on the labor market

I was happy to see the New York Times‘ online debate about unpaid internships, sparked by the latest lawsuit against a major corporation for exploiting an unpaid workforce. Continue reading

Free Me Of This Gibberish

The “freeman on the land” sounds like a character out of a Dan Brown novel, yet the FMOTL is very real. He or she is a follower of a worldwide anti-government movement which seems to have originated in Canada. They believe that he or she can opt out of being governed, and is therefore independent of government jurisdiction. Continue reading

Bills to pay bills: Cash still popular amongst Canadians

Despite the simplicity of debit and credit cards and the lack of space they take up in your wallet, Canadians still like their bills. Continue reading

BoyCAUT Hyperlink Charges

Ever wonder why your tuition is so high? Continue reading

Drink of the Week: Zombie

Gloria Mak, Staff Start Reading Week off with the Zombie!  It’ll kick you in the ass harder than your last midterm did (or the other way round, but let’s be honest with each other). Drown your sorrows with a Zombie-induced coma as the alcohol tackles you from within. Trust me, this one is strong. Ingredients 1/2 oz … Continue reading

Things Unattached People Say During Valentine’s Day

Gloria Mak, Howl Staff With the imminent approach of Valentine’s Day, I decided to write and publish Things Single Girls Say During Valentine’s Day, and was subsequently requested to write one for homosexual singles. However, why should there be a completely different article for unattached homosexual singles? While the dynamics of homosexual relationships are not … Continue reading

Things Single Lesbians Say During Valentine’s Day

This is relevant. Gloria Mak, Howl Staff 1. I love being single. This is a totally valid sentiment.  But do you?  Really? Around this time of year, a lot of unattached girls feel vulnerable because they don’t have that special lady around to send them flowers or make them feel special. Stop feeling vulnerable, because the … Continue reading