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Summer Opportunities for Lazy Students

We found some cool summer opportunities available for the last-minute planner to suit every personality, recommended by U of T students. Continue reading

Etobicoke Election Results Voided, Fraud Not Evident

Justice Thomas Lederer has thrown out 76 of the votes for failure of either proper registration or proper vouching, thus declaring the election “null and void.” Continue reading

In Mother Russia, Mushrooms Eat YOU!

Mushrooms apparently love plastic. They’ll eat it like it’s flavoured bubble gum. Continue reading

How Free is the Canadian Press?

In light of the recent World Press Freedom Day, The Howl sat down the President of the Canadian Journalists for Free Expression, Arnold Amber, to discuss the issue of freedom of the press and its relevance to Canadians. Continue reading

Quebec Student Protests Achieve Meager Results

The deal includes the government’s proposed tuition hike, in which fees will increase C$1 625, spread out over seven years (which raises current fees by 75%) Continue reading

Shooting Up Safely?

The philosophy behind safe injection sites is that users are safer in a clean, supervised clinic is much healthier than anywhere else. These sites intend to reduce the spread of infectious diseases, which can be passed from one person to another by sharing needles. They also aim to reduce incidences of overdose. Continue reading

South American Leaders Voice Opposition To Current “War On Drugs” Tactics

At the recent Summit of the Americas in Cartagena, Columbia, the War on Drugs found a new enemy: the leaders of South and Central American nations, who are calling for a shift in drug policy away from combat and towards legalization and regulation. Continue reading

Scientists Get Political About The Arctic

Earth Day 2012 was marked with concerning environmental news as a group of over 2 000 scientists have signed a letter calling to stop commercial fishing in the rapidly changing Arctic region. Continue reading

Your Professor Might be Making Over C$100 000

These events are also significant in light of the recently released “Sunshine List,” which makes public the names of employees of publicly funded organizations who make over C$100 000. Hundreds of University of Toronto professors and administrators made the list, with a considerable number of them taking home over C$300 000 every year. Continue reading

Not 42: The Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe and Everything

The Higgs boson goes BOOM! Continue reading

What the New Brothel Ruling Means for the Future of Prostitution in Canada

On Monday, March 26 the Ontario Court of Appeal announced a landmark ruling that would legalize indoor brothels. Unanimously approved by a six-judge panel, this ruling will go to the Supreme Court in late 2013 to be confirmed into law. Continue reading

Thomas Mulcair elected new NDP Leader

“As Jack Layton said, our greatest accomplishment wasn’t winning seats in Parliament,” he said. Rather, it was “giving people a reason to believe that you can vote for change.” Continue reading

Investigating Invisible Children

Regardless of whether Invisible Children should play a role in Uganda’s peace process, they have now been branded as leaders of the peace movement, and we must evaluate their legitimacy as an organization. Invisible Children has recently posted a rebuttal to its opponents, a long press release listing potential criticisms and refuting them one by one. But are they still telling the whole truth? Continue reading

Mayor Ford gets support from Conservative Leaders

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford may have found powerful new allies this week in the fight against the future expansion of transit services in the city. Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Ontario Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak both gave statements supporting the mayor’s subway plan over the Light Rapid Transit favored by Toronto city council. Continue reading

Kick it for Japan

The Howl sat down with Ai Kurehara and Aaron Atwell to discuss lingering effects of last year’s earthquake and tsunami in Japan, and how their Toronto-based soccer group is helping out. Continue reading