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So Long, and Thanks For All the Kitsch – Final Print Issue of 2011-2012!

The time has come to say, “Suck it, U of T! We’ve got you, my pretty, and your little dog too!” Continue reading

THE SECOND-TO-LAST PRINT ISSUE IS OUT! For 2011-2012, at least.

SKEDADDLE!  There’s only one more print issue left after this one!  Be sure to pick up a physical copy on campus because this issue will NEVER FOREVER BE PRINTED AGAIN. Shit just got serious. Here’s your downloadable PDF: The Howl – March 13, 2012 Plus, look at all the pretty pictures!!!!:

February 06 print issue available online! Sexy newspaper stuff!

As always, we present to you the digitized, PDFed documentation of The Howl’s printed issue.  Enjoy 🙂 Downloadable PDF: The Howl – February 06, 2012

January 24, 2012 issue has been digitized!

In case you haven’t seen this week’s paper issue of The Howl, we’ve made it easily accessible to you in the form of pixels, bytes, bits and binary.  So here you go, followed by the Letter From The Editor and a pretty slideshow: Downloadable PDF: The Howl – January 24, 2012 Letter From The Editor … Continue reading

November 24 Issue! Last Print Issue Of 2011

DON’T PANIC.  That’s probably the best piece of advice you’ll receive in your hitchhike through life.  As winter sets in (that fucking bastard), slowing down your heart rate shouldn’t be so hard.  Still, the U of T’s unwritten motto seems to be “We fail you long time.”  Professors give you ridiculous amounts of work, so … Continue reading

Check out the November 9 print issue!

In this issue we have: Japanese art interviews!  (Absolutely nothing to do with Hentai. Seriously, what were you thinking?) Streetcar Pub Crawl review and ridiculous photos! An easy-to-find Shaver! A workout exercise you can do without leaving your bedroom! (I mean, we’re all fatasses during exam season) And more! You can pick up a copy … Continue reading

The October 25 Issue!

Check it out!  This issue we sit at a roundtable with Harold and Kumar (John Cho and Kal Penn), interview Data Romance, teach you some skills to keep fit without leaving your dorm room, and give you games to while away your time on campus! Be sure to pick up a copy around campus, or … Continue reading

October 11 Print Issue Now Available Online!

Oh no, did we miss Thanksgiving?  Oh well, the EIC re-wrote the Thanksgiving origin story on page 2 anyway. Downloadable PDF: The Howl October 11, 2011

September 20 Issue is HERE!

I’ve definitely spent way too much time getting this issue into your hands.  I’m tired.  So here: look at it. Downloadable PDF version: Howl – Sept 20 Remember to pick up your copy on campus!

The Frosh 2011 issue is here!

Learn the most basic of cooking skills, play some games to whittle away the time, or replace your Frosh Orientation Schedule! Check out the DOWNLOADABLE PDF version right here (Frosh Issue 2011), and don’t forget to pick up a paper version around campus today!

The April 4th issue of The Howl is here!

My dear fellows, The 12th and last issue of the year is here! Be sure to checkout the Woodsworth College Student Association election candidates, photos from the Woodsworth Annual Awards Gala, and the best (worst?) of the Woodsworth students’ commuting horror stories! You can see the full issue in PDF here: Howl – April 4 Also, … Continue reading

The March 14th issue of the Howl is here

My dear fellows, The March 14th issue of the Howl is here. Be sure to checkout the article on Woodsworth basketball team’s remarkable good form into the playoffs; our post-mortem report on yet another Woodsworth dominated UTSU election; and The Howl’s look back at this year’s Rock the Runway charity fashion show. You can read … Continue reading

The Feb. 28th Issue of The Howl is Here!

My dear fellows, The February 28th issue of the Howl is here! Check out The Howl’s exclusive interview with the founders of Rock the Runway; our take on NASA’s discovery of terrestrial planets in the Milky Way; and our review of the Bieber bio-pic, Never Say Never 3-D. Cheers, -Ruichen, editor You can read the … Continue reading

The February 7th issue of The Howl is here!

Check out the unscientific test results of some popular condoms around, St. Valentine’s shaky claim to existence, and our interview with Semiotics Professor Danesi of the band, The Semiotones. You can see the issue here: Howl Feb.7th Issue P.S. To the gentlemen, just a reminder that Valentine ’s Day is on Monday Feb. 14th. We … Continue reading

The Jan. 24th Issue of the Howl is Here!

The first 2011 issue of the Howl is here! Check out the photos from the Woodsworth Residence’s Semi-Formal; the 10 things that Vic students hate about their college; and why dieting may not actually help you lose weight! You can read the full issue in PDF here: The Howl – Jan 24th Issue