HISTORY: The Howl began its shady existence in 2008.  After a rocky start, which some people might describe as ball-lickingly sucky, The Howl managed to emerge as a respected college newspaper on campus at the beginning of the 2010 school year.

So what is The Howl doing?

     1. Making sure Woodsworth College has a living, breathing, student-made product our classmates can be proud of.

     2. Exploring student motivation. How do you make someone interested? If they enjoy reading something on the Internet, are they going to enjoy it when it’s on a piece of paper, or do they pick up newspaper copies for a different reason?

     3. Experimenting with student journalism. When there’s Twitter and 4G networks and smartphones and bloggers and vloggers and paid journalists from whom students can get their news, what do they want from their local college publication?

While The Howl is Woodsworth College’s publication, anyone can write for it.  It is an independent voice that covers University of Toronto news and anything that staff and writers think will be of interest to the University’s population.

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