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Etobicoke Election Results Voided, Fraud Not Evident

Justice Thomas Lederer has thrown out 76 of the votes for failure of either proper registration or proper vouching, thus declaring the election “null and void.” Continue reading

New Labour Laws a Blow to Fair Employment in Canada

On April 25, Human Resources and Skills Development Minister Diane Finley announced the creation of a new online system that aims to speed up foreign, temporary employment. Does it involve the legalization of immigrant exploitation in Canada? Continue reading

How Free is the Canadian Press?

In light of the recent World Press Freedom Day, The Howl sat down the President of the Canadian Journalists for Free Expression, Arnold Amber, to discuss the issue of freedom of the press and its relevance to Canadians. Continue reading

Quebec Student Protests Achieve Meager Results

The deal includes the government’s proposed tuition hike, in which fees will increase C$1 625, spread out over seven years (which raises current fees by 75%) Continue reading

What the New Brothel Ruling Means for the Future of Prostitution in Canada

On Monday, March 26 the Ontario Court of Appeal announced a landmark ruling that would legalize indoor brothels. Unanimously approved by a six-judge panel, this ruling will go to the Supreme Court in late 2013 to be confirmed into law. Continue reading

Thomas Mulcair elected new NDP Leader

“As Jack Layton said, our greatest accomplishment wasn’t winning seats in Parliament,” he said. Rather, it was “giving people a reason to believe that you can vote for change.” Continue reading

Canadian Soup (A Multicultural SOPA)

Jamie Wang, Contributor Although the first thing that comes to mind when I read the word SOPA is the image of a warm comforting bowl of minestrone; the second thing that comes to mind really does frighten me. I would definitely say that I am addicted to the Internet. Though I hate to admit it, … Continue reading

Vancouver Area Struck By Fake iPad 2 Scam

Noofa Hannan, Howl Staff You’ve just bought a brand new iPad 2 from your local Best Buy and can’t wait to show it off. Excited, you open the box, only to discover a slab of modeling clay instead. You’ve just been conned. A growing fraud involving the sale of modeling clay in iPad 2 boxes … Continue reading

Canada To Pull Out Of Kyoto

Jon Foster, Howl Staff Speaking from an international climate-change summit in Durban, South Africa, Environment Minister Peter Kent gave notice that Canada will be pulling out of the 1998 Kyoto Protocol, which was slated to run in its second phase from 2013 to 2017. The Protocol, which was signed by Jean Chrétien’s Liberal government, was … Continue reading

Between A Rodent And A Man-Eater

– November 09, 2011; Rhys Smith, Contributor What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Canadian national symbols? A maple leaf? Hockey? Justin Bieber? God forbid. Officially, one of the national emblems of Canada is the beaver: the federal legislation was passed in 1975. Believe it or not, though … Continue reading

Leafs Enjoying Life At The Top

– November 08, 2011; Christopher Granicolo, Howl Staff Entering Saturday night’s game against the Boston Bruins, the Toronto Maple Leafs were sitting comfortably at the top of the NHL standings. Yes, you heard me correctly: our perennial laughing-stock of a franchise has finally seemed to turn the page and begun to make considerable progress under … Continue reading

GO Strike Averted, York Transit Walks Out

– October 24, 2011; Jon Foster, Howl Staff In a last minute effort, GO Transit and Metrolinx reached a tentative deal with its union, avoiding commuter chaos across the GTA. Unfortunately, York Regional Transit and VIVA bus drivers walked off the job Monday due to failed contract negotiations. “If a two-week strike doesn’t send a … Continue reading

Lombardi’s Debut an Unexpected Bonus for Leafs

– October 09, 2011; Christopher Granicolo, Howl Staff When Toronto Maple Leafs GM Brian Burke pulled the trigger on a deal with the Nashville Predators on July 3, 2011, that saw forgettable players Brett Lebda and Robert Slaney leave town in exchange for promising defenseman Cody Franson and the concussed Matthew Lombardi, few were optimistic … Continue reading

Let’s Get Literal

– September 29, 2011; Daniel Mermelstein, Howl Staff In honor of the upcoming provincial elections I’ve taken the liberty of explaining the local political parties, despite the fact that I’m not Canadian and am abundantly ignorant of their platforms. This is what I imagine their respective constituencies look like: Progressive Conservatives (PC): Old man Johnson … Continue reading

Swinging to the Right?

– September 26, 2011; Jon Foster, Howl Staff As October 6 approaches the games of politics are heating up for the Ontario provincial elections. According to pollsters, the Liberals and Progressive Conservatives are in a virtual dead heat, each jumping a percentage point ahead of the other in a piggy-back style result that may in … Continue reading