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Etobicoke Election Results Voided, Fraud Not Evident

Justice Thomas Lederer has thrown out 76 of the votes for failure of either proper registration or proper vouching, thus declaring the election “null and void.” Continue reading

What the New Brothel Ruling Means for the Future of Prostitution in Canada

On Monday, March 26 the Ontario Court of Appeal announced a landmark ruling that would legalize indoor brothels. Unanimously approved by a six-judge panel, this ruling will go to the Supreme Court in late 2013 to be confirmed into law. Continue reading

GO Strike Averted, York Transit Walks Out

– October 24, 2011; Jon Foster, Howl Staff In a last minute effort, GO Transit and Metrolinx reached a tentative deal with its union, avoiding commuter chaos across the GTA. Unfortunately, York Regional Transit and VIVA bus drivers walked off the job Monday due to failed contract negotiations. “If a two-week strike doesn’t send a … Continue reading

Let’s Get Literal

– September 29, 2011; Daniel Mermelstein, Howl Staff In honor of the upcoming provincial elections I’ve taken the liberty of explaining the local political parties, despite the fact that I’m not Canadian and am abundantly ignorant of their platforms. This is what I imagine their respective constituencies look like: Progressive Conservatives (PC): Old man Johnson … Continue reading

Swinging to the Right?

– September 26, 2011; Jon Foster, Howl Staff As October 6 approaches the games of politics are heating up for the Ontario provincial elections. According to pollsters, the Liberals and Progressive Conservatives are in a virtual dead heat, each jumping a percentage point ahead of the other in a piggy-back style result that may in … Continue reading

The Kids are Alright

– September 12, 2011;  Chris Granicolo, Howl Staff Six years and counting without a place in the playoffs will leave any fan of the Toronto Maple Leafs cynical of the regime in charge. Deservedly so, the Maple Leaf’s infamous record of futility since the 2004-2005 lockout has left the die-hard fan base with every reason … Continue reading

When they say “everyone”, they really mean “our”

– September 05, 2011;  Daniel Mermelstein, Howl Staff If you’ve been using the TTC recently you might have noticed signs that say “When it comes to everyone’s safety, we don’t miss a thing.  Security cameras on buses, streetcars and collector booths.”  These ads are part of the TTC’s Zero Tolerance for Assault campaign which began … Continue reading

A New Way to Orient Yourself at Woodsworth

– August 29, 2011;   Nathalie Sehgal This year two Residence Dons, Rebekkah Nighswander and Junior W, in  cooperation with WCSA, decided to start something new at Woodsworth for Frosh Week. It’s called WOLF Week, which stands for Woodsworth Orientation for Life after Frosh. It is an orientation program offered in conjunction with Woodsworth Frosh Week … Continue reading

Fare thee well, Jack

– August 23, 2011;  Katie D’Angelo “Hi, my name is Jack Layton, and I’m running to become Prime Minister of Canada.” This phrase was ridiculed by journalists who bothered following Mr. Layton, the leader of the New Democratic Party of Canada, on the campaign trail in 2006. Fast forward to today: Jack is receiving a … Continue reading

Ontario Government Investment in New U of T Centre

– July 21, 2011; Jon Foster Funds are currently being raised by the University of Toronto for the complete construction of the Goldring Centre for High Performance Sport, a research-intensive centre for sport excellence. An estimated $58-million will be put to creating a multi-storey complex that will be “the first of its kind in Ontario.” … Continue reading

Ford’s Figures a Farce

– July 21, 2011; Jon Foster Mayor Rob Ford, who swept to power on the whim of “stopping the gravy train,” is, according to many critics, exaggerating the state of the city’s finances. For months, Ford and his city council supporters have quoted a shortfall of $774-million in the 2012 budget, using it as fodder … Continue reading

Safety for Sex-Workers

– June 22, 2011; Jon Foster On September 28 of this past year, an Ontario Superior Court struck down the province’s prostitution laws as “unconstitutional.” The decision was appealed by the Crown, and is now making its way through the appellate court. The law was originally struck down because it forced prostitutes to choose between … Continue reading

Donate your organs online

– June 22, 2011; Jon Foster As our province’s health care service ramps-up to 21st century technologies, it is becoming clear that there are more efficient alternatives. E-Health, despite its blunders, is in fact working to streamline information sharing between healthcare providers and speed up diagnosis and treatment for the average Ontarian. The most recent … Continue reading